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Meet Sam! (a.k.a Samiam) Mid-days on 103.3 The App.

He was born and raised in San Antonio and is a die-hard Spurs fan. He has been working in radio for over 10 years and is very in touch with the city, it’s culture, and events.

Here are some more fun facts…

Likes to “Play pool, ride bikes, and drink coffee… lots of coffee.”

Loves to go to Costco.

Hopes to one day own a giraffe.

Can impersonate Kermit the Frog, Michael McDonald, and Abraham Lincoln.

Refuses to answer unknown calls.

Once stayed up all night.

Knows all of the words to 4 Beastie Boys songs.

Strongly dislikes: Cold weather, salads, pickles, broccoli, cilantro, cauliflower, asparagus, raw onions, tartar sauce, and anyone who puts ice in milk.

Wishes Chick-fil-A was open on Sundays.

Had long hair once, but decided to cut it.

Believes in aliens, ghosts, and having a good time.

Once made it on stage with Iron Maiden to escape a riot.

Is afraid of sharks and refuses to swim in the ocean.